NFL ’24 wk15: Eagles and Cowboys, defeated and happy?

Philadelphia suffers their third consecutive defeat in Seattle, while Dallas endures a tough loss in Buffalo, missing yet another test of maturity. However, both teams still manage to secure their playoff berths mathematically, along with Baltimore, victorious in Jacksonville. The 49ers comfortably triumph over the Cardinals, while the Chiefs bounce back against the Patriots, who will bid...

Superbowl 2015 Predictions

With Deflategate now hopefully behind us, we can focus on what really matters, and that’s the game on Sunday. If you follow Vegas, this looks like it is going to be one of the closest played Superbowls in history. While the line has fluctuated a little, at the moment the Patriots are favored by a mere point meaning it is anyone’s game. Below are my 3 key factors to the game and who I think comes...

Can the NFL expand into Europe?

As more and more NFL games are being scheduled to play in London, many are wondering if the NFL is planning to eventually move a franchise across the Atlantic and into Europe. This year, 3 games were played in London’s Wembley stadium with 3 more scheduled for next year. In the 11 games that have been played in London since 2007, the lowest attendance was 76,981. While these numbers express a...

2014-2015 AFC Predictions

Difficult to pick against Tom Brady and the Patriots in a division where he is the only proven quarterback. I am expecting to see improvement from Geno Smith and the Jet offense, just not enough to overtake New England. I am not really impressed with the Dolphins and I don’t see E.J. Manuel as the long-term solution at quarterback for the Bills.

2014-2015 NFC Predictions

It’s that time of year again! Tonight kicks off the NFL season as the Seahawks and Packers, 2 top NFC contenders, face off in a must-watch game. In the spirit of this, I’ve outlined each division below and which teams I think will come out on top. I think the Eagles will win what should be a very close division race...

Superbowl people 3: San Diego and the curse of 1994

This is a sad story. A story in which a franchise was forced to mourn eight of its players already a few years after their retire (two even while they were still in business), eight leaders of its most glorious team. A story that ties together the incredible coincidences of life, the depression that often surrounds high level sportsmen after retirement and the heavy inheritance which a career in...

Super Bowl stories 1: Joe Montana, the ice man

We celebrate the week before the Super Bowl, highlighting the career and records of some of the champions who have been known to be pivotal players in the final game of the NFL season. Football history, in fact, has many amazing players who, despite having great careers never managed to win a title (Thurman Thomas, for example, in spite of 4 attempts, or Dan Marino). The first portrait is...

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