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Andamento (not too) lento

Domino effect in Formula 1 seats? We're already looking ahead to 2025 even though the engines for 2024 haven't been fired up yet; everyone wants to get ahead of the game, but at Mercedes the driver could be from within the house, and above all, Italian. Many other topics, such as the innovations introduced by the F1 Commission and an internal news that could unsettle Red Bull.

February 1st

A market-driver bombshell was dropped yesterday, a phase typically marked by the unveiling of the new 2024 single-seaters followed by tests. After initial rumors, the directly involved parties have also confirmed the news, and it's all true: Hamilton and Ferrari have said 'yes' from the 2025 season, with the Englishman taking Carlos Sainz's place in the Scuderia.

Enzo Maresca, the Italian Job

Many Italian coaches are performing well beyond borders, including Enzo Maresca, who is currently in England working to lift Leicester out of the Championship purgatory where they were relegated at the end of last season. His career promises many satisfactions.

Andrea La Rosa

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