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Alè, ragazzi!

After forty-seven years, the Davis Cup returns to Italy. The result of planning and an ascending tennis movement that, thanks to the young age of its protagonists, promises emotions for many years to come. Gianluca Puzzo and Andrea La Rosa celebrate with a joint article the historic feat of these five youngsters.

Nadal, Federer and Aristoteles

(June 12th, 2013) I was watching the Roland Garros’ male final last Sunday and I was deadly bored by an already written match ending, between two players so similar in their style but also quite different in their global values. It’s an old Tennis’ rule good for any historical age: if you want to have chances against a rival better than you, you need different solutions from his. If...

2015 NHL playoff predictions

Here’s the first post of a new Sport One’s friend and Special Guest Writer from USA: Josh Rosengarten.  WEST St. Louis Blues vs Minnesota Wild Minnesota, stumbling into the playoffs losing 4 out of their last 6, could still pose trouble for one of the Western Conference favorites. Zach Parise with his tremendous experience will need to carry his crew vs one of the most consistent...

Ferrari 2000-2004: the history of a domination (2)

At the time of his arrival at Ferrari, Schumacher is, no doubt, the present and the future of Formula 1. He has already won two consecutive world titles and he’s still 27 years old. He’s fast under all driving conditions, he’s enterprising and bold. In 1994, Schumacher wins his first title at the end of a very difficult season, marked by the tragic Imola weekend (with the deaths...

Welcome to the new Sport One’s home

Dear readers, welcome to the new Sport One’s home, apparently the same as the previous one, but with some important differences. First, the address, becomes more personal and easier to be remembered:, simple, clear, direct. In this new home we speak one more language, English, trying to tell our stories even outside the narrow Italian borders. We don’t assure the...

Superbowl people 3: San Diego and the curse of 1994

This is a sad story. A story in which a franchise was forced to mourn eight of its players already a few years after their retire (two even while they were still in business), eight leaders of its most glorious team. A story that ties together the incredible coincidences of life, the depression that often surrounds high level sportsmen after retirement and the heavy inheritance which a career in...

Super Bowl stories 1: Joe Montana, the ice man

We celebrate the week before the Super Bowl, highlighting the career and records of some of the champions who have been known to be pivotal players in the final game of the NFL season. Football history, in fact, has many amazing players who, despite having great careers never managed to win a title (Thurman Thomas, for example, in spite of 4 attempts, or Dan Marino). The first portrait is...

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