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“Thunder” forever

Farewell to Gigi Riva, born in the province of Varese but adopted by Sardinia, writing the history of Cagliari and beyond. A reverse emigrant, he still holds the record for goals scored with the national team jersey.

The last Kaiser

It hasn't started in the best way, this new year which, after bidding farewell to the Brazilian 'Formichina' turned Professor, Mario Zagallo, bids goodbye to another icon of world football like Franz Beckenbauer, for decades a protagonist in various roles, firstly with the boots, then on the sidelines, never missing a role behind the managerial tables, making the best use of his comprehensive...

Goodbye “Formiguinha”

Mario Zagallo has passed away, an icon of sports and especially Brazilian football, a lifetime dedicated to football within a career rich in triumphs, first as a player, then as the coach of his national team and beyond. A legendary figure deserving of remembrance.

Goodbye 2023

Thanks to our readers for contributing, once again this year, to Sport One's growth with numbers that speak for themselves: over 18,000 visitors and 180,000 pages read. 'Goodbye 2023' is the concluding article of the year, written by Gianluca Puzzo and Andrea La Rosa, to review the sports events and more. All the best to everyone.

Will the chaos surrounding the Super League verdict result in the rise of a football exclusively for the wealthy?

The EU Court of Justice defines the halt (along with associated penalties) to the Super League as an ‘abuse of dominant position’ by UEFA and FIFA, effectively questioning the entire pyramidal structure upon which all major sports, not just football, worldwide are based. It’s not an explicit endorsement of the Super League’s revival, but in effect, it’s the first...

NFL ’24 wk15: Eagles and Cowboys, defeated and happy?

Philadelphia suffers their third consecutive defeat in Seattle, while Dallas endures a tough loss in Buffalo, missing yet another test of maturity. However, both teams still manage to secure their playoff berths mathematically, along with Baltimore, victorious in Jacksonville. The 49ers comfortably triumph over the Cardinals, while the Chiefs bounce back against the Patriots, who will bid...

Anyway, Sauber

The new team name has sparked the creativity of web creatives. The historic headquarters of the Swiss racing team, present in Formula 1 for many years, remains unchanged despite several name changes due to sponsorship reasons.

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