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testata-x-FB3Dear readers, welcome to the new Sport One’s home, apparently the same as the previous one, but with some important differences. First, the address, becomes more personal and easier to be remembered: sport1one.eu, simple, clear, direct.
In this new home we speak one more language, English, trying to tell our stories even outside the narrow Italian borders. We don’t assure the simultaneous publication of each post in both languages but, with a little patience, we’ll get there.
A home in which there is also room for more voices and more sports than in the past, a home where you can meet some friends, who have a passion that is proportional only to their expertise and commitment to Sport One.
For the first time, in the new home of Sport One you find advertising: nothing too invasive, just a couple of banners we need, to try to reduce costs of the blog management. Help us with a few clicks, whether the adv interests you: with no money, you will help Sport One to grow and improve.
In this regard, Sport One needs your help: comment, share, invite your friends via the Facebook page … spread the word, please.

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